Alpine skiing is an amazing, exhilarating sport, but for many it is not always accessible due to a lack of affordability. It was for this reason, and our passion for the sport, that we set out to create a program that made skiing accessible to local teens who desired to become proficient skiers, and who would not otherwise have had the opportunity.

At the same time, a desire to give back is a worthy legacy to leave with your children.

Our program not only exposes teens to skiing, it has also made it possible for those teens to become lifelong skiers. We have done this by creating a not-for-profit organization called Teens on Edge. This program provides 4 teens each year with their equipment and a season’s pass from a local ski resort. Though we enroll only four new teens in our program each year, they are invited to return each subsequent year.

The limited enrollment translates to low instructor-to-teen ratios, which in turn leads to rapid skills development and strong life coaching skills and support. Our instructors and facilitators are chosen for their skill sets and values.  

A big part of our program is the stewardship. There is an expectation from the teens to volunteer at their local ski school, not only as a way to give back, but also to expose them to the mentoring aspect of skiing. Many of our teens have been successful at achieving their instructor certification after just two seasons of skiing. At this point in their development, there is much a higher likelihood of lifelong engagement in the sport.

Teens on Edge funds participants' enrollment in the ski instructor certification course in exchange for the teens becoming instructors within our program. They work at their local ski resort and also volunteer once a week teaching the new teens in our program.

We always remind the participants that giving back is an essential part of life, and the core values of our program really emphasizes this concept. 

Once they become instructors we continue to work on their continued growth as individuals, teachers and skiers. We will frequently pair a new instructor with a more senior one to help their growth as educators.

Besides skiing activities, our teen members also assist with fundraising, which allows for attendance at summer youth camps and group excursions, such as camping and sailing.

In summary, Teens on Edge™ is a not-for-profit organization with core goals and values aimed at our future leaders - our youth.  By encouraging our young citizens with hope, values, a sense of community involvement and a passion to create change within themselves, they will change the world around them for the better. 

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